Amendment Agreement Traductor

A sale agreement refers to the share purchase agreement between the contracting parties (as amended) between (…). These two collections appear to be in the plethora of all types of legal documents: laws, contracts, terms of use, warnings, websites, etc. But we have the impression that they are not well understood. Excellent type of show! A modest contribution that I generally translate „in the amended version”: with your amendments/amendments, if you do not have a specific change date, and „from time to time”: in a timely manner. Good luck! The idea that needs to be conveyed is that there are facts or events that may occur at some point, but the person who develops the contract does not know when they will come to fruition or do not want to specify, which leaves the time of that event open. To convey this idea, we recommend using phrases such as „anytime,” „at any time,” „if any,” „if any,” or even „occasionally.” (…) Company A and Company B, on February 3, 2012, as amended on March 29, 2012 (…). In a document I found a similar option: Hello, Elisa: Thanks for your kind words. We are pleased that the articles we publish are useful to you. As for your translation, I also think your choice is right. A greeting and thanks for the estate, Ruth In this case, we can translate it as „modified/modified in,” which is the most common translation in legal dictionaries. Apart from this example, where the expression is used very precisely to refer to a very specific amendment or amendment, it is more common for us to find it without referring to a particular amendment. We will know because the date is not displayed.

As in this example: Results: 24. You guessed it: 24. Response time: 180 ms. Today, we want to deal with two typical expressions of Anglo-Saxon jargon, which we often mistranslat despite their mere appearance. Thank you for your contribution, Carmen. In terms such as those mentioned in the article, no one has the final say. Your proposal also seems correct to us. Would this alternative be acceptable or should it be voted on a little finely? If you want to continue to immerse yourself in this field, we give you a resource that will be very useful: a model with the typical ritual formulas of the Anglo-Saxon treaties and their translation into Spanish. Download it for free here. This term appears in treaties and many other legal documents. It is generally used when reference to a law or other contract that has been amended and, therefore, the current version of those contracts must be dealt with. As in this example: Very useful, I always have trouble translating „from time to time” by context.

I`m sure you`ve already seen these expressions in the modified version and from time to time. Do you know what they really mean? They are typical of the Anglo-Saxon prosecutor`s office, often misunderstood. In this entry, we explain its true meaning. read. Frequent short phrases: 1-400, 401-800, 801-1200, Plus Congratulations! Don`t forget to confirm the email you will receive immediately in order to receive the PDF document. Thank you for your guide. After consulting with you, I asked for the template you provide generously. An embrace from Mexico. „The reference to the legislation refers to other versions of these provisions that were amended or adopted on that date.” In this case, we do not know whether the treaty or the law in question has been changed or not.

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