Gentleman`s Agreement 1947

Gentleman`s Agreement not only won the Oscars for Best Picture and Best Director, but was also one of Fox`s most successful films in 1947. However, the political nature of the film angered the House Un-American Activities Committee, with Elia Kazan, Darryl Zanuck, John Garfield and Anne Revere all called to testify before the committee. Revere refused to testify, and although Garfield appeared, he refused to „give names.” Both were placed on the red channels of the Hollywood blacklist. Garfield remained on the blacklist for a year, was again called to testify against his wife and died of a heart attack at the age of 39 before his second hearing. Gentleman`s Agreement still appears to be an intelligent, concise and captivating drama, and although times have changed since 1947, the subject it tackles so boldly remains relevant and relevant to this day. Gentleman`s Agreement is a 1947 American film based on Laura Z. Hobson`s 1947 bestseller of the same name. This is a journalist (played by Gregory Peck) who pretends to be a Jew to research widespread distrust and aversion to Jews in New York and the prosperous communities of New Canaan, Connecticut and Darien, Connecticut, Connecticut. He was nominated for eight Oscars and won three: Best Picture, Best Supporting Actress (Celeste Holm) and Best Director (Elia Kazan).

The tone of the film in the face of anti-Semitism is not the harsh note of intellectual indignation, but the polite murmur of the argument. The film reduces a serious problem to the dialogue. The film was an unexpected box office success. According to Variety, he earned $3.9 million in rent in the United States in 1948. [9] Although Kathy seems to have liberal views when he reveals what he intends to do, she is surprised and asks if he is really Jewish. The burden of her relationship with Kathy`s subtle tolerance for bigotry becomes a central topic in the film. In the magazine, a secretary is assigned to Phil, Elaine Wales (June Havoc), who reveals that she too is Jewish. She changed her name to the position (her candidacy under her real Jewish name, Estelle Wilovsky, was rejected). After Phil Minify informed of the Experience in Wales, Minify ordered the magazine to adopt hiring guidelines open to Jews.

Wales has reservations about the new policy, fearing that the „false Jews” will be abandoned and ruin things for the few Jews who now work there. Phil meets fashion editor Anne Dettrey (Celeste Holm), who becomes a good friend and perhaps more, especially as tensions develop between Phil and Kathy. The film is awesome and worth seeing. Phil`s childhood friend Dave Goldman (John Garfield), who is Jewish, moved to New York for a job and lived with the Greens while looking for a home for his family.

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