Physician Master Agreement

The initial master agreement was a complex document between BCMA and the provincial government, which was first concluded in 1993 and provided the parameters of the working relationship between physicians and the government. It has brought together essential elements to ensure a balance between the needs of physicians who supply the people of British Columbia and the government, who are responsible for managing the conditions under which they acquire these services. The Office of Regulatory Affairs and Service Effectiveness has launched, in collaboration with partners and physicians, a two-year pilot project to identify and implement measures to reduce the administrative burden on physicians and their patients. Learn more – A multilateral relationship based on transparency, cooperation and mutual respect. Quality, evidence-based care is delivered through an integrated, sustainable, accountable, effective and effective health care system. Patients are ordained and supported by a physician and are accountable to all parties. Defines the obligation for the government to improve and preserve the health of the population, create health laws and provide financial resources. Recognises that health authorities are responsible for land use planning, exploitation and the allocation of service resources to their residents. Recognizes BCMA`s goals of maximizing physician job satisfaction and achieving the right economic balance. Contains a new conflict resolution framework.

Recognises measures that support compliance with the provisions of the agreement by all parties and is effective. Taking these principles into account, the medical-master contract provides for: – compensation issues – including general increases, re-opening parameters for remuneration, financing of new fees and the amount available, among others. Disputes – describes local and provincial disputes, dispute resolution teams, and defines general principles of dispute resolution. Information Technology – E-Health and Doctor Information Technology Office. Joint Committees – Medical Preparedness Program – Payment for coverage, levels, regional distribution and the challenges of this allocation. The renegotiation of the agreements. Revocation of services. The Polybag, with this month`s edition of the BC Medical Journal, contains a member guide to the new BCMA agreements, which identifies the provisions of the agreements most likely to affect individual physicians and contains a brief description of these agreements. I hope you will have the opportunity to check them out. It is divided into key sections designed for clarity and ease of use. The current agreement was ratified by members in the spring of 2019.

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