Prenuptial Agreement In Md

Pre-marriage agreements can have serious and long-term financial consequences. For this reason, anyone considering a marriage and has been asked to sign a pre-marital contract can seek the advice of an experienced lawyer before signing the contract. At Ruben Law Firm, our legal team can help you with thought, diligence and compassion for your legal requirements. To learn more about our family law services, make an appointment or ask a question, call us today: (410) 766-4044. When developing a marriage contract, remember that the document will do more than you and your spouse. Many people use it to protect their children, their personal estate, etc. If you are living later in a second or third marriage, you should think seriously about the impact the agreement can have on your adult children and other heirs. Unlike many other states, Maryland does not have a law on marital agreements, which are contracts signed by future spouses and generally concern property rights and money rights in the event of divorce or death. Instead, Maryland`s marriage contracts are governed by contract law. Marital agreements are factual and heritage, so they vary from case to case. Marriage agreements may include provisions for the sale of assets acquired before and during marriage, including: real estate, bank accounts, automobiles, personal property and old age assets. The ability to take care of oneself and the availability or necessity of maintenance can also be addressed in a prenup. While there are some things that cannot be included in a valid marriage agreement, the list of things that can be added is quite complete.

In the past, most people who insisted on marital agreements were wealthy people trying to protect their wealth from marriage. But over time, these contracts have become an effective relationship between all kinds of people. The beneficiaries of marriage contracts could protect almost everything from family history to the growing family business. If you enter into a marriage with children from another marriage, you can also use a prenup to protect the child`s inheritance in the future. The relevance of financial disclosure being a key part of the marriage contract, it is better to be sure when preparing than to regret! Marital agreements are also referred to as pre-marital or non-marital agreements and are governed by state law.

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