Reach Joint Submission Agreement

An individual registrant wishing to be part of a joint submission must submit an unsolicited update and indicate that its registration is part of a joint submission. Before submitting, they must confirm the affiliation to the joint submission, in which case the lead filer must indicate the common deposit name and security toc. Note: A justification for separate data transmission must be included in the record file and will be verified during the technical inspection of the submission`s completeness. In addition, Article 41, paragraph 5, point a) of the REACH Regulation requires ECHA to set priorities when reviewing compliance files containing information provided separately in accordance with Article 11, paragraph 3. All companies that register the same substance must agree on the data on their joint REACH registration. This is a collective responsibility that also applies to all co-registrations. What is a SIEF F? A Substance Information Exchange Forum (FSR) will be established as soon as stakeholders agree that they have pre-registered the „same substance” in the REACH computer system. Participation in an RSF is mandatory under REACH; SiEF members do not have the opportunity to unsubscribe, but in most cases they can decide how much they want to actively participate. The main objective of the RSF is to exchange information (which avoids dual studies) and to jointly establish and submit a common registration file for the registration of the substance. Where possible, RSF members should also agree on the classification and labelling of the substance.

An RSF is made up of all legal entities who have pre-registered the same phase-in substance and first filers of the same substance. Data holders who wish to share relevant information with potential filers may also be members of an RSF. Each FSR is operational until June 1, 2018 (the last registration period in REACH). Once the necessary information has been obtained, they can confirm membership by selecting the REACH-IT menu >> >> joint submission >> available, entering the common transfer name and security tobe, and following the assistant. Filers have two options to complete the registration as a joint deposit member: purchase a letter of access or join the REACH consortium.

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