Monash City Council Enterprise Agreement No 8 2016

Partial indemnity – Additional payment from the university equal to the difference between the rate of pay to be paid if the officer continued to perform the duties performed immediately before the injury occurred and the sum of the amount of the weekly allowance paid to the employee and the weekly amount of the employee in the employment (whether at the university or any other employer), In which the employee is, he is earned due to such partial incapacity for work. 17.1 The purpose of this clause is to support staff by allowing staggered start and end times after consultation at work on campus. This will help manage capacity and minimise health risks from public transport and road transport during peak periods. The university advises and advises a staff member when an overpayment has been found. The university will inform the staff of the amount of the overpayment and inform the relevant staff of the available reimbursement possibilities. The repayment period is reasonably long given the extent of the overpayment. The employee and the university negotiate in good faith to reach an agreed reimbursement agreement under which the university may deduct the additional payment from the employee`s salary or severance pay, in accordance with the agreed reimbursement agreement. If such an agreement is not concluded, the dispute resolution procedures provided for in clause 12 of this Agreement shall be applied to achieve a result that allows the University to recover the additional payment, under which the University may deduct an overpayment of the employee`s salary or notice pay. If, prior to the commencement of this Agreement, dispute settlement proceedings have been initiated in accordance with clause 12 of the 2014 Agreement and the subject matter of that dispute relates to the application of a provision or provision under the 2014 Agreement, which have continued under this Agreement, this dispute will continue to be resolved or closed in accordance with the provisions of clause 12 of the 2014 Agreement. 26.3 When agreeing, the CTMC takes into account: first go to our document search and try to search for full-text agreements.. .


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