State Of Ct Sebac Agreement 2018

But not all state bargaining units were part of the SEBAC agreement and separate employment contract negotiations are still ongoing. According to Fae Brown-Brewton, Under Secretary of State for the Bureau of Policy and Management, the salary increases for assistant attorneys general were based on the SEBAC agreement, although she argued that the 2 percent increases were a „significant gap” with sebac, given that the level increases are generally closer to a 3 percent increase. Since the first SEBAC agreement – arbitration decision of 1989 – SEBAC and the State have negotiated eight agreements that have modified the health and pension benefits of public workers, created new benefits for workers, modified state contributions to the State Employees Retirement System (SERS) and/or achieved savings in the state budget through staff concessions. Under the SEBAC agreement, the state must offer the same wage increases and job security for any other bargaining unit that „aims to ensure the job security of SEBAC 2017,” whether or not that bargaining unit falls under the Connecticut Industrial Relations Office. Each SEBAC agreement can be downloaded via the button on the right. The Connecticut State Police contract did not expire until after the signing of the 2017 SEBAC agreement. Bargaining unit NP-1 is under the jurisdiction of the Labour Relations Office, but its wage negotiations were not included in the 2017 SEBAC agreement. This article has been updated with details and a link to the OFA`s arbitration agreement and cost analysis. Lawmakers voted March 27 to approve a collective agreement for Connecticut`s assistant attorneys general, which included an 11 percent pay raise and bonuses, and the Budget Committee on April 1 approved a similar contract with the state`s tax attorneys. But if the salary increases seem shocking, it`s not: the increases were based on the 2017 SEBAC Concessions Agreement, and there are other employment contracts, including an arbitration agreement for superiors of the National Correction Department. State of Connecticut, Governor`s Office. (1995).

Memorandum of Understanding. Hartford, CT: Author. Retrieved from The 2017 SEBAC agreement negotiated by Governor Dannel Malloy and federal union leaders guaranteed two general wage increases of 3.5 percent, as well as step-by-step increases of about 3 percent in salary, bonuses and protection against dismissal between 2019 and 2021, in exchange for a three-year wage freeze between 2016 and 2019. The arbitrator gradually granted 3% increases to assistant supervisors in 2019 and 2020. The State had forecast only one increase of 2.5% for 2019. State of Connecticut, Department of Administrative Services, Office of Labor Relations, State Personnel Division. (1992). Agreement between the State of Connecticut and the State Employees Bargaining Agent Coalition. Hartford, CT: Author.

Retrieved by The State Employees Bargaining Agent Coalition (SEBAC) consists of 15 public sector unions representing approximately 46,000 Connecticut public servants. SEBAC was classified among the Conn in 1986. Acts 86-411 was recognized to negotiate with the state health and pension benefits for active members of its various unions as well as for retirees. The State Police Union refused to reopen its salary contract as part of the 2017 concession agreement, meaning the state soldiers maintained their 9% pay increase set in their contract between 2015 and 2018. The soldiers agreed to the pension and health changes described in SEBAC, according to ofa. . . .

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