Uk-Japan Comprehensive Economic Partnership Agreement

The United Kingdom-Japan Economic Partnership Agreement (CEPA) (Japanese: |英包括的経񐇨๩携携協定) is a free trade agreement between the United Kingdom and Japan. [1] [2] The agreement was concluded in principle by both parties in September 2020 and was signed in Tokyo in October 2020, following the UK`s withdrawal from the European Union in January 2020. Before leaving the EU`s internal market and customs union, the UK benefited from the EU`s extensive network of existing trade agreements with third countries. In many cases, the UK has simply tried to „shake up” transactions with third countries. Although the EU-Japan Economic Partnership Agreement is one of the most recent (and comprehensive) agreements the EU has signed to date, both the UK and Japan have agreed that there are areas where the two countries could go further to reflect the bilateral trade relationship between the two countries. A chapter on a national regulation of the trade agreement contains principles and disciplines that both parties agree to respect in order to ensure that measures relating to qualification requirements and procedures, technical standards, licensing requirements and procedures do not constitute unnecessary barriers to trade in services. Japan and the United Kingdom have attempted to incorporate into the agreement between Japan and the United Kingdom innovative provisions resulting from the ongoing world trade organization negotiations. The additional commitments by Japan and the United Kingdom should aim to increase transparency and certainty in the implementation of the regulatory procedures necessary for access to the Japanese or United Kingdom market. On 11 September 2020, the United Kingdom concluded a Free Trade Agreement (FTA) with Japan: the Economic Partnership Agreement between the United Kingdom and Japan. It was the UK`s first major trade deal as an independent trading nation outside the EU. Among the main attractions for the digital and fintech sectors are: the Ministry of Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra) has contacted GI producers to confirm whether they would like their IM to be included in the deal. Find out how the additional geographic indicators are protected under the agreement.

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