Wisconsin Commercial Lease Agreement Pdf

The tenant has the right to transfer this lease without the landlord`s consent to a company with which the tenant can merge or consolidate, to a subsidiary of the tenant, to a company under common control with the tenant or to a buyer essentially all of the tenant`s assets. Unless otherwise stated above, the Renter may not sublet all or part of the rented premises or assign this Rental Agreement in whole or in part without the consent of the Lessor, without unreasonably refusing or delaying such consent. C. Tenants and landlords maintain, at their own expense, one or two comprehensive general liability insurance policies in respect of each person`s respective activities in the building, with premiums paid in full on or before the due date being issued and binding on an insurance company approved by the landlord, with this insurance providing a minimum coverage of at least $1,000,000 combined with a single limit for bodily injury. to offer. Property damage or combination thereof. The lessee must provide the lessor with a list of all permit numbers for cars owned by the lessee, his representatives and employees. Separate structured parking spaces, where applicable, located above the building, are reserved for tenants of the building who rent such parking spaces. The Tenant hereby rents from the Lessor _____ Net Lease: This lease allows the landlord to distribute the costs and fees of ownership to its tenants. The tenant may bear all or part of the costs.

These expenses include property taxes, insurance premiums, and common space maintenance (CAM) fees. The most common type of net lease is the triple net lease. Landlords prefer it because the tenant pays the base rent in addition to the cost of property taxes, insurance, CAM, utilities and concierge services. One. The tenant pays the landlord during the first quarter of tenancy _________

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