Yorkshire Water Build Over Agreement

Please send an email with all general information relevant to an offer, including proposal plans, sewer plans, surveys, photos, planning conditions or anything else relevant to the proposed construction agreement. Please note that sewer diversion should be considered where possible. It is unlikely that we will allow you to build on a strategic public sewer. It depends on the individual situation, but for an application for a superstructure of a public sewer, you will probably need the following: the control of the building therefore requires both the details of the proposal and a copy of the superstructure agreement provided by the sewer authority. If you want to build on a sewer, you need a construction agreement. This is necessary if you plan to construct a building, extension, basement or similar construction work nearby or directly above an existing sewer. The distance to the sewer depends on several factors, including the depth of the sewer, the severity of the sewer, etc., although it is usually 3 m. NB: If the sewer is pumped, a superstructure or proximity agreement is NOT permitted and a section 185 „Diversion of a public sewer” may be requested. Anyone can apply for the contract, including an owner or builder. More relevant is who is qualified, experienced or insured to create the information package required for the construction agreement. Of course, a builder may have experience with the physical work involved, but it is completely independent to have experience with the design and have appropriate professional liability insurance. Builders in the UK do not have insurance for such work.

A construction agreement assures the water company that the work to be done will not negatively affect the sewer below, and it also ensures that the water company continues to have sufficient access to the sewer for repair and maintenance. If you plan to build near or above a public sewer, you should contact the water company before the work is completed to determine their needs. Sometimes problems arise when homeowners try to sell their property, which is partially or completely built over a public sewer. Conservatories and extensions are the usual culprits. If no construction contract has been concluded during the execution of the work, the water company has the legal right to enter the property in order to access the sewer, even if this means that the structure above the sewer will be demolished. However, the water company will not cause damage if possible and will look for other ways to access the sewer, but the risk remains. If a construction agreement has been reached, the water company does not have the right to remove or demolish the structure above the sewer. Under no circumstances do we allow construction over a sewer or side drain if: The other possibility is for the seller to give the buyer liability insurance to protect himself from financial losses caused by the construction of the property above a public sewer. This is the fastest and cheapest option, but whether or not insurance is available depends on the circumstances of each case.

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