Affiliation Agreement Acgme

Detailed contracts or affiliation agreements are an important part of meeting institutional requirements. They must have their program and institution with all the hospitals where the trainees operate. According to ACGME, the main affiliation agreements are agreements between a carrier organization and all the major sites participating in Residency Education. ACGME defines what represents a main site as sites where all residents turn into at least one program for a necessary educational experience. Each resident must spend at least four months in a rotation or combination of rotations required within two years, ACGME says. Although the institutional requirements do not specify the points that this program must cover in the main membership contracts, the programs must renew these documents every five years, which are signed by the parties involved. Since Denmaster affiliate contracts are usually complex legal documents, your program probably leaves the content of the agreement to your institution`s legal aid. It is the institution`s responsibility to ensure that key accession agreements are updated. „During an institutional visit, the visitor to the site will be primarily interested in verifying and verifying the main membership agreements that the organising organization maintains with the main participating sites,” says the FAQ section of the ACGME website on In addition to the development of core ownership contracts, each residential program in the institution must have a PLA, that is, agreements that any training program must have with each of the hospital sites through which residents operate. Your residence program should renew these contracts every five years and should: Affiliation Agreement (AA): an agreement that is required for rotations of thirty days or more; The rotations required for all residents in a specific program; and/or rotations to affiliate sites that are hospitals or similar companies. ACGME requires the ACGME to provide information on faculty, supervision, evaluation, teaching content, duration of tasks, and guidelines and procedures for each necessary task that takes place outside the institution. They should be short and less formal documents than the main membership conventions and treat the necessary content as easily as possible.

This week`s advice comes from Residency Program Alert. Master Affiliation Agreement (MAA): an agreement maintained by the GME Office to conclude an agreement between companies on programs within the meaning of the CMA. Clinical rotation: an educational activity that includes direct or indirect tasks of patient care.