Custody Agreement For Dog

Currently in the eyes of the law, pets are classified as personal property such as other material goods, such as a car or furniture. However, much like a rare painting or expensive jewelry, there is great sentimental value to the pet that cannot be replaced by money or some other item. As a result, the courts are increasingly willing to pursue the idea of an animal protection regime. Animal conservation issues can also arise in the event of a disaster or other exceptional circumstances. For example, after Hurricane Katrina, many furry residents of the affected towns were rescued and transferred to emergency shelters across the country because of the number of animals. In Fitch v. Eiseman , the court involved in the divorce decree the couple`s agreement for dogs in children, trips between the parties` homes as part of the joint custody agreement; When the woman failed to comply with the agreement, the state Supreme Court referred the case to court to determine the exclusive ownership of one of the parties. To Juelfs v. Gough , the couple had agreed to share the common property of their dog which the first instance had included in its order. Due to the danger that the dog faces other dogs in the woman`s apartment and increased arguments between the parties, the first instance then gave the man custody with an order for the woman`s visit, and finally sole custody of the man to help him.

The state Supreme Court upheld the change to the order. This agreement will also contain all important information about the accompanying animal, such as name, sex, age and type of animal. There are also optional spaces to receive information about the animal`s medical needs, if any, as well as other general information about care (for example. B if the animal has a favorite toy or a particular habit). These pets were then adopted by well-meaning and generous families. But when the affected families recovered from the disaster, many tried to regain custody of their pets, which led to numerous disputes in animal detention. In addition, some courts have begun to grant shared custody, visits and, in extreme cases, guarantee payments to pet owners. So far, in most of these court proceedings, it is the custody of dogs.