Discovery Rio Agreement

The agreement covers the XXIII Winter Olympics in PyeongChang in 2018 and the XXXII Olympic Games in Tokyo in 2020, as well as the 2022 and 2024 Olympic Games, which the host cities do not yet need to be elected. Unlike TDSAT`s management to give direct home operators signals at half the rate – at 50% of the rate offered to MSO and local cable operators in the non-CAS area, MSM Discovery had stated that it had proposed to share the power with DTH operators on an agreeable basis. Amend the RIO for DTH operators to offer packages/channels at 50% of the price at which these packages/channels are offered for non-CAS distribution; i.e. elusive platform, To meet the standards set by the Honble TDSAT, Trai said, while adopting an eight-page directive to MSM Proposed Studies on the Implications of Peaceful Space Activities for Human Affairs, often referred to as the Brookings Report, was a report commissioned by NASA in 1960 and written by the Brooking Institutions in collaboration with the NASA Committee for the Long Range study. In a section entitled „The Implications of a Discovery of Extraterrestrial Life,” the report explores possible after-detection scenarios and makes recommendations. It is aimed at political leaders who, immediately after a confirmed detection, would play a decision-making role and describe, among other things, the circumstances in which it may or may not be desirable not to disclose this information to the public. The importance of this relatively small part of the report is controversial. Rather than an analysis of relevant fallout and considerations that an explicit PDP does, the report does not explicitly recommend concealing evidence of extraterrestrial life. This possibility, however, is the context in which the Brookings report is often cited by ufologists and conspiracy theorators. Juan Antonio Samaranch, ioc Executive Committee member and IOC Delegate Member for European Broadcasting Rights, said: „We are delighted to have reached this agreement which we believe will bring fantastic coverage of the Olympic Games and Olympic values to Europe`s largest public across all media platforms. Discovery and Eurosport will ensure the disclosure of the Olympic Games through their own television channels and media platforms and, where appropriate, undertake sub-licensing partnerships with other broadcasters in different regions. Olympic fans will also benefit from comprehensive digital coverage on Eurosport`s main supraregional digital platforms. Trai`s action came after the chain introduced its new RIO in accordance with industry rules and regulations.

At RIO, MSM discovery presented its new prices offered à la carte (Pick and Choose) and bouquet. Later, after discovering that the channel was giving signals to some DTH operators on the basis of an agreement, Trai wrote a letter to give them the opportunity to clarify their position on the subject. Despite the type of discovery confirmed, PDPs also attach great importance to the range of likely reactions from different electoral districts, including the press, various religious groups, political leaders and the general public. The differences in reactions beyond the boundaries of culture and religion would be considerable.