Wisconsin Agreement For Deed

No, only those who are licensed as real estate agents in Wisconsin are allowed to use the state bar forms. Certainly. Admin. Code § REEB 16.03 (1) (a) allows brokers to use forms prepared and approved by the Wisconsin State Bar for securities, mortgages, mortgage notes, land contracts, mortgage discharge, mortgage satisfaction, mortgage assignment and land contract assignment. The same privilege does not extend to those who have a real estate seller`s license. Real Estate Disclosure Declaration » This form is used if the property transferred in accordance with the contract on the item contains a residence. Sellers who wish or need to disclose the terms of home ownership must use this form to describe the terms as they exist at the time of signing the contract. I purchased my home in February 2015 under a land contract and the seller refuses to file the contract with Douglas County. I asked them to do it for 4 years, I went to the Office for Deeds and took the papers and offered to pay for it, and they refused. I`ve invested a lot of money in the house and I can`t leave.

What can I do? The original seller could still be subject to a bank or credit union mortgage on the property, which must also be repaid. So, assuming you have some kind of domino. You pay your sister (she understands you after she has full ownership); it pays the seller (and acquires the full ownership it transfers to you); The seller pays the mortgage (the bank or credit union submits satisfaction with the mortgage at the time of payment). If you deposit it, it will then be in the „chain of titles”. This would make your land contract detectable through proper search in public registries and real estate-related indices in the county registry offices where the property is located. If you don`t submit it, your interest in the property as a seller wouldn`t be found that way. So since I wouldn`t show the land contract, third parties have no way of knowing that you have an interest in the property you own. Disclosure of the financial terms of the contract on the seller`s order of ownership » This form is similar to the annual statement in that it contains information on the terms of payment and financing of the contract for the item. .

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